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Frequently asked questions

When will I receive my order?

Your order will be processed within 2 working days after we receive your payment.

You will receive a confirmation email when it's time to pick up your order personally in our shop.

When using our partner DPD SK s.r.o. delivery company, you will receive an email with tracking number directly from them. The delivery usually takes 2-3 working days. 

The delivery time using the Slovak Post package system may very depending directly on the distance, so be patient.

When will I receive my jersey, subli t-shirt or other products on order?

Every jersey is unique and made after previous order. The manufacture of personalized, players' or nameless jersey usually takes 20 days. You will find some sizes of the jerseys in our store ready to be delivered to you - for the actuall state of our stocks please contact us.

OUR TIP! Check twice the chosen size of the jersey using the size table in the photo gallery of the product. Personalized jerseys cannot be returned, except for quality reasons. 


How can I pay for my order?

These are your options of payment:

  •  personally at our store in Winter stadion Ondreja Nepelu
  •  online using credit card
  •  using bank transfer
  •  via Paypal

Complete information about payment methods can be found here.

OUR TIP! Online payment using your credit card is the fastest, safest and the most comfortable way of paying for your order. If for some reason your payment didn't come trought to us, we will send you an email how to proceed with the payment.


Where can I take look at your products?

You can come to take a look at our products and to try them on in our Fanshop. We have all products at our store.


OUR TIP! If you are ordering authentic jersey or a similar product, don't hesitate to contact us, we usually have a sample at our store and we will answer all your questions. 


What if I choose wrong?

It is not a big deal. Every non-personalized products can be returned or exchanged within 14 days since the order was made. For more information about our return policy click here. 



How to obtain the permanent card discount?

The discount for permanent card holders is obtainable only by personal visit in our store.


OUR TIP! This discount is not cumulable with other discounts, it can be used only on undiscounted products.


Why do I have to pay for some products in advance? 

Some chosen products of our e-shop ( personalized jerseys, authentic jerseys etc.. ) have to be paid in advance. The reason is personalization of the product or it's production. 


OUR TIP! Payment in advance is completely safe with no chance of abusement of your personal data.


Why chosen products cannot be send by delivery company?

Some fragile or voluminous products cannot be send via delivery company for the risks of damaging the product during delivery. It is possible to pick up these products directly at our stores. Thank you for understanding.

All deliveries outside the Slovak Republic are provided by Slovak Post package delivery system. 

OUR TIP! You can find more information about our pricing and delivery options here.


What size should I choose?

You will find a size table in the photo gallery of every product. This way you can choose the correct size of your t-shirt, sweatshirt, hoodie, jacket or sweatpants with certainty.

OUR TIP! Be aware that every product ( every t-shirt, every hoodie etc..) can have a different sizing, meaning that every product has its own size table. Please verify the correct size with the size table at every product.


What if my size is not in your offer?

Contact us on our email or social media. We will take a look, if we have some last pieces on the store shelfs.

OUR TIP! We cannot guarantee to have all sizes all the time, so don't hesitate with your orders. 

Is it possible to make a reservation of a product?

We can put aside some products of your choice, but only for 24 hours. We will put them back for sale after that.

Do you miss some product in our fanshop?

Do you miss something in our Fanshop? Product, which is no longer available or you have an idea for a new product or design? Contact us on our email or our social media pages. We check the disponibility of the product or check your ideas.


OUR TIP! You can't find a product you saw in our shop a week ago? Contact us and we will let you know if or when the product will be restocked. 


How to receive discount or gift?

You can find a lot of different discounts while eshopping on our web site. Follow the instructions on our promo banners or directly in the description of the product.

Free shipping - If you reach the conditions of our promo, the shipping fee won't be added to the price visible in shopping cart. This promo is available only for deliveries within Slovak Republic.

Promo 1+1 free - You will receive the second product automaticly, you will be able to see it in your shopping cart. Don't forget to choose a suitable variant of the free product.

Promo gift by order - If you reach the conditions of this promo action, the gift will be automaticly added to your cart and you will receive it together with your order.

In case of any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

OUR TIP! If you have a promo code, write it in the field "Coupon" in the shopping cart. It is neccessary to recognize capital letters.


How can I contact you?

You can contact us on our email address or send us a message on social media platforms - FB or IG.